With the Flow with Mad as a Hatter

I'm not really a big fan of  Finnish brand Lumene when it comes to nail polish, mainly because I think their polishes are too expensive and the colors aren't very interesting. But when I was shopping couple days ago, I noticed that they had this new spring look -thing going on and there were four new polishes too and one of those was just calling my name so of course I had to get it.

So this is two coats of Lumene With the Flow (Hiljainen Virta) with OPI Mad as a Hatter on accent nail (two coats too). I have to say I really liked this Lumene, it was really pretty and well, there are quite many colors like it but it was a bit special, because it has this pink flash in it. I even managed to get a photo of it:
(You can click the picture to see it bigger and better). So this was really nice and the quality was also good as it always is with Lumene. Lumene just recently changed their polish line and I can't decide if I like these or the old Quick&Chic bottles best, though I always thought that the Quick&Chic name was quite stupid.. But I'm glad that they still have quite wide brush eventhough the bottle and the cap are a bit smaller.


  1. Nice color!
    Seeing this makes me want OPI Mad as a Hatter more than everr!


  2. Lovely shade! I like this subtle pink shimmer.

  3. It's a gorgeous colour, with and without the OPI as an accent nail.

  4. Aaargh! I want to buy the mad as hatter!!