China Glaze Pelican Grey & Starboard

Hope you all aren't fed up with China Glaze Anchors Away collection just yet, because I have two more to show you.

So the first one is Pelican Grey, I have two coats here, no base or top coat. This is really pretty but I had hard time photographing it. I actually have worn this and tried to take pictures of it three separate times. But the shimmer just didn't translate to my pictures. And I didn't want to show you just pictures without the shimmer, because that's is imo the best part of this polish, otherwise it would be just a regular grey. Though pretty grey, but the shimmer just makes it special. So with the third photograps I managed to get a bit of the shimmer to the pictures, so I can finally post this here too. But it's a pretty polish so I didn't mind wearing it several times and I'm surely gonna wear it again. It was a bit thick though, but nothing that couldn't be handeled.

And this one is called Starboard (where is port btw?), two coats here too, no base or top coat. My collection was missing a good honest green so I decided to give this a try and I think it might be just the right color. This was nice quality too, also a bit thick but again, nothing that couldn't be dealt with. I'm not still best friend with green polishes but sometimes you just need one for nail art or something like that and I think this will work nicely to that purpose, though it was a bit sheer for konading.