Manhattan 610K - Where will it go next?

It's time for Manhattan 610K to make its next stop and I'm very excited as it is going to a beautiful country that it hasn't visited yet. So, you ask where this is?! I had nine entries and I used random number generator to draw a number and it was seven. So Manhattan 610K is going to:


So Blu11 from Polish Drop, it's going to visit you! I've already sent you an email, please respond as soon as possible so we can arrange things.. And the rest of you, stay tuned in Polish Drop to follow the journey of Manhattan 610K.


  1. aww...too bad!
    But I won't stop trying!


  2. Yay! :) Can't wait. Thanks, Annie!

  3. @Soraya: Yeah, just keep trying like I did. :)

    @Blu11: Congratulations! :) Can't wait too see your mani with it. :)