Jesse's Girl Magenta

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I have another Jesse's Girl polish for you today, though this one is a older one. They recently redid their polishes and these older ones were (and still are) on sale so I graped some of the older ones too, as some colors weren't available in their new line.

This is called Magenta and this is three coats with base and top coat. Sorry about the black mess that I have on same nails, apparently I had some ink or marker pen accident and didn't notice it until I saw these pics. Oh well... I have to say that I like the new cap better, the old one is a bit clumsy, though the bottle looks a bit more chic with the old cap. Or maybe, I can't decide. Anywho, the color is pretty, though I have quite many color that are a bit similar, but I love them all... What can you do?As for the quality, I've probably said it before, but I really like this brand and really have nothing bad to say about it.