Rimmel Lemon Drop

It seems like lately all these scented polishes have been quite popular, so of course I had to give it a try too. I also did some konading, which is like the second time I did it and it shows. I do need to practise more.

This is three coats of Rimmel Lemon Drop and konading is done with OPI DS Reflection and China Glaze Starboard. Btw Starboard was a bit too sheer for stamping.. But I was quite surprised with Lemon Drop as it was quite easy to work with eventhough it's yellow and pastel and all that. And I have to say that it smelled quite nice too after it was dry. When it was wet it smelled like a regular polish and when dry it smelled like it's called, a bit lemon, though quite artificial but it was nothing bad.. But thank god it hadn't anything too with bananas, then I would have not gone anywhere near it.

Here's Lemon Drop by it self:

It's quite nice pastel yellow, but I didn't feel like it was for me by it self, so that's why I needed to have some konading over it. But it was nice quality and also it dried quite fast.


  1. i loove that colour!!! i'm following you!


  2. I like that colour! Its pretty! and the konad really accents it nicely! :)

  3. this is my favourite polish at the moment! i love it for spring, i need the apricot one next :D what stamping plate did you use for this? i love hte butterflies xxx

  4. Thanks for the comments!

    @LemonyEmily: I knew I forgot to mention something.. The plates were Konad m2 & m25, the butterfly is from that m25. I think I have the apricot one, just haven't tried it yet, gotta do that next. :)