Jesse's Girl Gunmetal

First of all, I have to thank you all as I now have over 200 followers! Wow, that's just awesome! Hope you all stick with me and enjoy my post as much as I enjoy making them.

Second, I've just finished writing my German paper of today's workinglife (I almost wrote Arbeitsleben here...), so if I mix German with English it's because of that my head is full of different languages..

Anywho, let's go to the polish. I have another Jesse's Gril polish for you today, this one is an older one.

This is called Gunmetal and I have four coats here, with base coat but no top coat. So this is quite sheer, but it might look good over some dark or grey polish, if you don't like doing multiple layers. Again, this was easy to work with, though the drying time was quite long (probably due to the multiple - though thin - layers), so I managed to smudge my pointer before these pics. Overall, nice color, but nothing unique.


  1. I was curious as to if you knew how this polish compared to Color Club's Snakeskin?? It's the one polish I thought of when I saw this.

  2. I think Snakeskin has a green hue to it and this is just strickly grey. So because of that Snakeskin is also maybe a bit warmer toned. I had Snakeskin before but I sold it, so I can't so a comparison for you, but I hope this helped a bit.