GOSH Golden Dragon

Today I have a GOSH polish for you that I actually found on sale some time ago and I have to say that I'm really glad I did. Take a look:


So this is Golden Dragon and I have three coats here (and BC). This was fully opaque with two coats but I had to do a third one before taking the picture because of the tip wear. And I'm not saying that the wear time with this polish was bad, it really wasn't but I had time to take the pictures after I had had this on for several days and also during that time I had cleaned the house, washed the dog and my self couple times and also typed a lot. So the wear was quite good and after all that I had only minor tip wear, but I did the third coat to cover that up.. Anywho, this is really pretty color, don't you think? It sure is unique imo, I don't have anything like it. It really amazing blue/green with a lot of golden shimmer. Just look at the bottle in the second pic, awesome right?! And the quality in general was good too, so I have no complaints.

I bought the polish from a Finnish store (Sokos).


  1. It is a pretty color, indeed!
    Looks great on your nails!


  2. I love the color, looks a bit like an essence I own.

  3. ............*w* OMG!!!(;)) I'm in love with this polish! /mistä ostit?/

  4. Thanks for the comments!

    @KarzU: Ostin Sokokselta. :)

  5. beautiful, i got mine on sale too!! still haven't gotten around to wearing it yet