Giveaway reminder

Have you all already entered my giveaway? If not, don't forget to do so. You have still time, as the giveaway will end on 2nd April. Click the picture to learn more.

(And a note to my Finnish readers about the blogsale.)
Pienimuotoinen kynsilakkakirppis toteutuu siis huomenna (tiistaina), klo 18. Ihan vaan ennakkotietona, eli jos kiinnostaa, niin kannattaa seurailla blogia silloin. :)


  1. I honestly can't remember if I had entered already or not, so I just did.
    My sister and I recently created a blog, so I've updated my post about the giveaways I'm entering to include yours.

  2. @marox79: I don't think you had entered before, but it's fine either way, so no problem. :)
    Thanks for blogging about the giveaway!

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