China Glaze BFF

I've posted about this polish once already, in fact it was the first polish that I showed you here in my blog. But I wanted to wear it again and took new photos too as I thought that I could do better with those pics now than almost a year ago. And I took quite few pics...

So this is of course China Glaze BFF, one of my all time favourite polishes. I have two coats here, with base coat but no top coat. This is truly a linear holo and very beautiful, I just love this. I know some say that these OMG collection polishes chip easily, but I haven't noticed anything like that. I've wore this and other polish from OMG collection (TTYL) few times with different base coats and the wear has been just perfect. Once I wore TTYL for six days and it was still perfect. So what can I say, I just wish (like many others) that I had more of these..


  1. Great pictures! And it's an amazing polish :)

  2. This is one of the colors of OMG collection that I regret not having...(the other one is DV8).
    Its soo pretty!
    It looks great on your nails!


  3. AAAAAAWWW!!!! That's gonna BE my polish BFF if I'll get that in my hands! Where did you buy it from???

  4. Thanks for the comments!

    Soraya: Yeah, there are many OMG polishes that I regret not having...

    KarzU: It sure is pretty, but these are so hard to find nowadays (at least for reasonable price). I got this from 8ty8beauty, but it was like a year ago or so and they are long gone from that site.

  5. I love this colour! Its so sparkly and pretty!! What a great choice!