OPI Austin-Tatious Turqoise

Today I have one polish from OPI Texas inspired collection. It's actually one of only two that I got from that collection. I had my eyes on this since I saw the first promo pictures and I think many other nail polish lovers had too...

So this is Austin-Tatious Turqoise, three coats here with base and top coat. This is probably the most popular color from this collection or at least I've seen it the most. I had quite high expectations for this polish as it looked so interesting and nice in some promo pics. And when I got it in mail I thought it still looked interesting as in bottle you can see this really cool purple/pink flash. But as you probably figured, it doens't really show on nail. I tried to get it show a bit on the last pic, but it's not really there is it.. So basically this is just pretty turqoise laquer. And that's fine, I was just expecting something more I guess.

Here's a close-up for you: