Manhattan 610K

It's here! (Find out how you can get this polish visit you at the end of this post!) -> *CLOSED* Manhattan 610K has found it's new destination

Yep, it's the German polish that is going around the world. Many of you have probably read about this somewhere.. So this was originally Kesha's (Nail Polish Obsession) fabulous idea and started from Germany in last Sebtember. After Germany it went to UK, then several locations in US and now it's back in Europe, here in Finland. How fun is that? Here you can see the previous manis done with this Manhattan 610K:

And here's the mani I did with Manhattan 610K and Color Club Snakeskin:

With these it's probably best to click the pictures to see them bigger.. I saw this post in Acetone and Old Lacquer and thought it would be nice to try it.. My fabric was quite stiff, so there isn't so clear pattern but I thought this was still fun look.

And here's Manhattan 610K by it self (two coats, with base and top coat):

I really like the color and would very much like to keep to this polish, but it's not possible, because I have to send it to someone else. So, would anyone be interested in having this polish visit you?

You have to be able to send this polish forward after you have used it and you also have to have a blog so that you can show your mani to all of us. Other than that, everyone can join. Just leave a comment here on this post with you GFC name, email, blog url and location. I will be taking entries till March 13th, 2011 and after that I will pick a random winner and send this polish forward.


  1. Carolina
    Hamden, Connecticut. USA
    Thyank you!!!

  2. Melanie
    Chicago, IL, USA

    This is so exciting!

  3. I'm so gonna try this on my nails!
    And I want that polish to come to Brasil!

    Soraya Massad Bringhenti
    Macae, RJ, Brasil


  4. Looks great on you! :) I'm glad you like it a lot and I felt the same way about the polish when I had it =P

  5. Ohhhhh so pretty on you :) can't wait to see where it going next!! Time to update my blog about where this baby is at ;D

  6. salla
    ja Turku, Suomi

    ihana idea maailmaa kiertävästä kynsilakasta, mä törmäsin tähän ideaan joskus syksyllä ja olin ihan varma, ettei tätä suomeen koskaan saada :D

  7. I'd love a visit!!
    I follow as Ash-Lilly, my email is ashlilly2010 at gmail dot com. I'm in Sunny old London, England (lol!)

  8. Hi Annie =) Count me in on this!

    GCF: omgnoodles
    Email: omgoshnoodles (at)
    Location: California, USA

  9. I'd love to try it...

  10. Kristen

  11. What a great idea.
    Canberra, Australia.