Happy Valentine's Day!

Here's the mani that I did for Valentine's Day:

I saw this tutorial at My Simple Little Pleasures and I thought it looked so cute that I had to try it. I used Orly's Lollipop and Essence's Break Trough and also e.l.f. twinkle to get little sparkle on top. I didn't want to use the traditional pink or red for this so I went with purple/lilac. I thought the outcome was really cute.. I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day, but it's always fun to do some theme manis...

So happy Valentine's Day for all!

And btw I have reached 100 followers, so thanks to everyone who's following! I really value each and every one of you. Hope you like the changes that I made to my blog..


  1. Very cute and stylish. Was the freehand drawing?

    I like the new layout/look of the blog. Btw, congrats on your first 100 followers. May them be the first of many.

  2. Love it!!!! Looks so cute you did a great job.

  3. Thanks for the comments!

    marox79: I did this with the drag marble technique, you can see more from that tutorial if you'd like to. Nice to know that you like the new look! And thanks for the congratulations.

    Nail Polish Obsession: Thanks, glad to know you liked it! :)