China Glaze Evening Seduction & Milani HD

I'm not done with those Milani holos yet. Or at least I have this one post for you today featuring one Milani holo, HD. I wanted to try layering it over some dark polish and here's the result:

So this is HD over China Glaze Evening Seduction. And I just have to say OMG! I don't usually use that "phrase" but this combo really deserves it. HD just really seems to come alive over some darker polish and you can see all the amazing colors. Remember that you can always click on pics to see better.. First when I applied HD over Evening Seduction it was a bit "meh" but when you get a glimpse of light, especially sunlight, on nails, it's just amazing. Oh, and this was just one quite thin coat of HD over two coats of Evening Seduction. 

Here's a pic of ES by it self:

Two coats, with base and top coat, though this was so glossy by itself that it shines even without top coat, but I'm so used to using one.. Anyways, pretty vampy purple, looks almost black in dim lighting. This is quite well pigmented, so you might only need one thicker coat. The only problem that I had with this was that it was a bit runny, so you need to be careful if you don't want it to be all over your cuticles. Other than that, really nice purple.

And sorry about the bit messy look, I was in a hurry to take pictures when I still had some sunlight so there was no time to clean up or anything..


  1. I'll have to try this. I own Evening Seduction and just need to purchase Milani holographic-HD.

  2. Where do you get those Milanis from? I thought they were not sold here in Europe. Ebay?

  3. Thanks for comments!

    marox79: From Cherry Culture:
    It's location is in US but they ship to quite many places.