Eveline #412

Yeah, as I said yesterday, more pinks coming to your way..

This is Eveline number 412, I have two coats over OPI's Señiorita Rose-alita, which I showd you yesterday. This is more like my kind of pink.. And yes, I said I didn't have more of these holos, but then I found this one from my drawer. Oh well, this is the last one I have for now, I promise. Anyways, this was probably my favourite one of these Eveline holos that I have, even though the holo effect in this is just barely there. And of course I couldn't get you a photo that would even show slighty that holoness in this as I just couldn't find any light that I could take a photo with and there wasn't any sunlight either. Well, I'll be wearing this again for sure, so lets hope there will be sun then..

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