Jesse's Girl Confetti

Sorry about not blogging for couple days, but I've been so stressed out with all the school work I've have had literally no time for anything else than school, eating  and sleeping.. I had this speech I had to give couple days ago.. Well, I don't like speeches very much and on top of that this had to be in Swedish. Yeah, Swedish is official language here in Finland (with Finnish, of course), but like almost every other Finnish speaker, I'm not very good at Swedish.. And the speech had to be academic, of course, as it is a part of my studies.. Anyways, it was really stressful preparing it and also finally giving it, but for even my own surprise it apparently went quite well. At least it's now over and I don't have to ever do it again (hopefully, nothing against Swedish though..)

Oh well, lets move on to the polish, shall we..

So I have another Jesse's Girl polish for you today, take a look:

This is called Confetti. It was a bit sheer, if I remember correctly this was four (thin) coats (with base and top coat), but I say it is worth it as it is really pretty.

I ordered this and some other Jesse's Girl polishes from their web site, and I just have to  say that the delivery was really fast and the polishes were nicely packed. Delivery took only week or so, which is imo quite fast as there is 'some' kilometres between Finland and US. And they also included some eyeshadow samples (quite many actually) so overall I was more than pleased how everything was. And the price of these polishes is nice too, only $2.99.

(This was my honest oppinion, nobody paid me anything and I ordered these polishes with my own money)


  1. Beautiful polish! I've never heard of Jesse's Girl before.. I'll take a look at their website!

    Btw, I hate to give speeches too! I'm no good at talking..Specially because I hate people looking directly at me! hahahaha (I'm very shy!)
    Anyways, glad it worked out for you!


  2. Beautiful polish. Good luck with your studies
    Stacie xoxox

  3. Soraya: I think those polishes are worth of taking a look. :) Glad to know I'm not the only one who doesn't like to give a speech!

    Stacie: Thank you. :)