China Glaze Ahoy!

Of course I had to get some polishes from Chinga Glaze's spring collection called Anchors Away. I actually got only three, though I'm thinking that I might need to order some more... Anyways, here's the first one:

This is called Ahoy! and I have three coats here, with top coat. This was the one I was most excited about from this collection and I'm surely not disappointed. It's so pretty! I have nothin more to say than that I just love this one.

But I do have to say that I'm a sea person, I've been at sea long before I learned to talk or walk or anything. So a collection that revolves around sea makes me sooo happy. I wish I'd be able to get the whole collection, but as I'm a student and live with studen budget, that isn't possible. Anyways, I wanted to say that I really liked this collection.

I want to also show you something funny. I take most of the pictures of polishes in my balcony and well, this happens always:

Can you see that black thing in the background?! Yeah, that my dog (with snow on her nose). And it's hilarious, because she manages to put her self always there, as she is quite old and barely hears anything, but somehow she manages to always hear/see that I'm going to the balcony and comes too..


  1. interesting color, the last photo made me smile :D cute doggy.. and so much snow? I'm jealous :D

  2. Thanks for comments!

    Markétka: I'm a bit tired of that snow already.. Glad that the photo made you smile! :)