Color Club Uptown Girl

Just a really quick post of this lovely creme polish. (I should really be in bed by now..)

So this is Color Club's Uptown Girl, three coats here. I was going to say that this is probably my favourite creme polish and it was until i removed it.. Yep, it stained my nails red even with two coats of base coat under it. I was really pummed out. Well, it's pretty anyways, maybe I'll try it with some other base coat..

Btw, every time I even see this polish bottle the song Uptown Girl starts playing in my head. So I had to go to Youtube to listen to the song.. And then I saw the video and I just have to say, WOW. :D If that isn't hilarious I don't know what is, it was just ridicilously funny. (I hadn't seen it before this..)


  1. Such a pretty color!

    I have the same reaction as you! I read the title and Uptown Girl instantly started playing in my head..
    I kinda like this song!


  2. so pretty! i got this a little while ago and I can't wait to wear it. Sorry to hear about the staining. icky....

  3. wow, too bad about the staining! the color is absolutely gorgeous!! i have to add it to my wish list :)