Rimmel Trend Spotting

There hasn't been a purple polish for awhile here in this blog so here's one for you.

This is a Rimmel polish called Trend Spotting, two coats here. It's really nice vampy purple with this very subtle shimmer, which doesn't unfortunately translate to nail. It's also a bit jelly-ish but covers still nicely with two coats. I'm not sure if I agree with what they say about the brush being maxi brush with mistake free application. The brush was almost too wide for me and especially it was hard to use when painting my little fingers. I do like wide brushes like OPIs but this was little extreme, or maybe it's because I used it after I played with those OPI minis...

Here's a pic of that brush anyway, it made me almost laugh, when I first saw it..


  1. i don't like that brush either.. it's so weird.. anyway, the color is beautiful :)

  2. Great color!
    The brush is a little bit wide indeed!
    But, tell me something.. The bottle also says "Up to 10 days", is this miracle possible?!


  3. Thanks for the comments!

    Soraya: I noticed that also, but I can't tell if it's true as I wore it only a day. I really doubt it, but maybe I'll have to do a wear test sometime to see if it's really true..