Lumene Night Party (flakies?!)

Okay, I just have to say this, I hate my neigbour. There, I said it. Well, I don't even know wich one of my neigbours I'm hating, but I still hate one. You ask why? Well, he/she has been sturmming their guitar for some time now and he/she just keeps playing the same thing over and over again and I tell you, it isn't anything special (if you put it nicely). And I need to be reading for my test which is super important and it's on Monday.. So I'm really annoyed. I don't know why, but I can hear the sound of the guitar so well that even earplugs didn't do anything. Yeah, I know that it's completely permitted to play guitar in your own appartement but please, just change the song or something and don't play the same thing for hours! Can you tell I'm annoyed?! :D

Well, that's that.. Sorry, but I had to say it.. Anyways, this gives me time to blog as there's no way I can concentrate with this noise..

So, I have you one Lumene polish that I bought like a year ago, just haven't wore it before. I bought this on sale as it looked somewhat pretty and seemed to have some flakies.

This is called Night Party (Öiset juhlat) and I have three coats here. Well, I have to say I'm a bit disappointed with this, it looked better in the bottle. Those lovely flakies are there, but they are quite small and disappear a bit on nail. I'm not really that into these warm brown shades on my nail too, so that's also probably why I'm not warming up to this polish that much. I would like it more if it had more of those flakie goodies, but no.

Ok, my neigbour just changed the song! Can you guess what he/she is playing now? Yep, it's Smoke on the water, I'm not even sure if that's better or not as he/she keeps of course playing the same bit over and over again.


  1. I like this color, but I wouldn't wear it. Brown is such a serious color... And the flakies are too subtle!

    I'm sorry, I always check on your blog, but never posted a comment. But I have to say, your neighbour may be Jake Harper, from Two and a Half Men, since the only song he plays is Smoke on the Water... It can get pretty annoying!


  2. I found this color very interesting :) is this some Finnish brand? I'm so sorry about your neighbor- I understand you, hope you'll past the exam without difficulties :)

  3. Soraya: It's noce to know that you read my blog! That's funny, I thought of Jake Harper too, that would be kind of cool.. :D

    Markétka: Yeah, Lumene is a Finnish make-up brand. Thanks for the good thoughts! :)