Kiko Microglitter Red Wine & what's in my purse

First I have one Kiko polish to show you.

So this is number 254 (it only has the number in the bottle) but the website says that it's called Microglitter Red Wine. I have two coats here, no base or top coat. It's pretty and I like the quality of these polishes. I just wish that I had bought more of these when I was in Berlin. Well, another time maybe..

So that's that, but I wanted to show you my purse also.. Well, I saw this fun post at Sonnela blog (it's in Finnish) and wanted to do the same as I think it's fun to get to have a little peek on everyone's life. So the point in this was to show you what's in purse, so here we go.

So this is my purse, sorry about the little blurryness of this pic, but it was the best I had. Anyways, I've bought this bag from H&M several years ago and I like it very much. It's simple and big, so I can use it as school bag too.

And here's the contents and this is quite normal too. I usually have at least my wallet, phone & headphones, glasses (that silver casing), calendar and some hand cream in my bag. Today I had also pad of paper and pencil case with me because of the school. And that book "The United States and the Great Powers" is a book for a test. Then there was also some tickets that have I've been apparently carrying around since Berlin and that green thing is a bag for my camera. That hand cream is Dermosil's, I like to keep it in my bag as it's small enough to carry around. I also have Burt's and Bees cuticle cream usually in my bag too, it's nice size too. And that blister bandaid has also been in my bag since Berlin..

So my bag was quite clean though I had some stuff that have been there for no reason.. And I also have quite few stuff in my bag, but there's still room for more. :D What do you all have in your bags?


  1. Hello there! I've tagged you with a Stylish Blogger award here. :D Thanks for being so awesome!

    I'd have to do some serious recon work on my purse before it was presentable enough for the internet. XD I've got school work from a year ago shoved down in there.

  2. Thanks Kendal, that's so sweet!