Snowcrystal Light Taupe

I'm just making this quick post before I have to go to bed, it's over midnight already and as my "school" (my university studies) began again today, I have to go to school tomorrow.

This is Snowcrystal's Light Taupe (number 438), two coats here. This is quite pretty taupe color imo, it has this nice shimmer too, which makes it more interesting. Though I don't know if it's just me but I feel like I have enough colors like this and I only have maybe one taupe that has same kind of shimmer. It's pretty, but a bit boring.. Maybe I should have spiced it up with some stamping or something. This was my first Snowcrystal polish and I did like the quality. But I probably won't be buying more of these if they're not on sale, as I think they are too expensive as the bottle is quite small and the colors aren't really unique.

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