GOSH Gasoline

A little while ago I saw a swatch of Gosh Gasoline here by Scrangie and I just had to go and get one for myself too (I also found Golden Dragon that Scrangie swatched too and it was also on sale so of course I had to get it). Gasoline looked so amazing and as you know, I love purple, so there wasn't any doubt that I wouldn't like it.

This is really amazing, one of the best purples that I own. But sadly the application wasn't so nice. I used three thin coats and it was fine, but the drying that was soooo long, even with a quick dryer. So I ended up with smudges on every other nail and I had to paint another coat next day to cover them up. But still this was kind of worth it, it's so pretty, I just adore the color.