Franken lilac

Today I have one franken for you. This is actually the first one I'm showing here in the blog, I've done couple but haven't never blogged about them. Anyways, I did this one only by mixing the colors over a piece of foil, so I only had so much color that I could paint my nails one time. But this was fairly simple to do, I put pretty much same amount of each polish in it.

I used Color Club Wild at Heart, Milani Cyberspace and H&M Hello Kitty Kitty Princess for this. I thought this turned out to be quite pretty color. It even had this very very subtle holographic effect, but even without that it looked very interesting. Frankenin is so much fun by the way, because you don't really know what the outcome will be and it's always fun to get new colors.


  1. This is perfection!!! I need to try and replicate this! I love this shade of purple and the holo effect. Well done!

  2. StardustStephanie: Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.. :)

    peripatetic33: Thanks!