Milani Digital

I have another Milani 3D holographic lacquer for you today.

So this is called Digital, I have two coats here. Sorry about the tip wear but I've been wearing this polish for days now as it's been so busy that I haven't had even time to change my mani. Anyways, this is really pretty pink holographic polish. Again the holo effect isn't as strong as in some other polishes, but it's still obviously there. I have to say I really like these Milani holos..

I also have a sneak peak for you of what I got in mail today (quite crappy flash picture but anyways):

Yeap, it's the OPI Katy Perry mini polishes. I wasn't sure if I should or should not order these so I ordered this cute mini pack.


  1. Those Milani holos may not be as holo as China Glaze's, but they're so pretty!
    And the texture is smooth, right? It looks like holo glitter..


  2. I'm really looking forward to get my hands on a holo. Essence will have two in their Colour&Go line in March. Can't wait!
    Not like the movies looks awesome.

  3. Soraya: Yeah, the texture is really smooth and removal is sooo easy. It looks like almost glitter but without that annoying removal.

    marox79: Holos are amazing. I was I could get my hands on those Essences but they don't sell them here..

  4. It's a pity you can't get them in Finland. I thought they were available in all Europe. If you're interested maybe I could hunt those down for you.

  5. marox79: Thanks, that's really nice of you. I think I have to first see what they look like, if someone maybe swatches them..