Milani Cyberspace

I have another of those Milani holos for you today:

This one is called Cyberspace, two coats here. This one had more obvious holographic effect than the gold one (3D) but not so much as the green one (Hi-Tech) had, so from the three I've tried so for, this was in the middle holographicwise. Somewhat surprisingly I really liked this one. And that's surprising because I normally don't go well together with blue polish, but this was nice.


  1. I blogged this one today too! OMG that is so fuuny. I really love this color. It's so delicate but with an edge.

  2. Unexpectedly I liked this color. The bottle I got didn't have much of a holo effect but the unique blue color was very flattering against my skin. So I kept on noticing how good it looked as I wore it, hee hee.

  3. Let them ha Polish: Funny, huh. It's the second time we have the same color.. :)

    DesertNails8: Yeah, I thought I wouldn't like this when I saw it in the bottle, but it was surprisingly pretty.