Rimmel Trend Spotting

There hasn't been a purple polish for awhile here in this blog so here's one for you.

This is a Rimmel polish called Trend Spotting, two coats here. It's really nice vampy purple with this very subtle shimmer, which doesn't unfortunately translate to nail. It's also a bit jelly-ish but covers still nicely with two coats. I'm not sure if I agree with what they say about the brush being maxi brush with mistake free application. The brush was almost too wide for me and especially it was hard to use when painting my little fingers. I do like wide brushes like OPIs but this was little extreme, or maybe it's because I used it after I played with those OPI minis...

Here's a pic of that brush anyway, it made me almost laugh, when I first saw it..

OPI Katy Perry The One That Got Away & Not Like the Movies

Yesterday I showed the glitter polishes from OPI Katy Perry collection and today I have the other two. I didn't get the Black Shatter as I thought I would get some of those China Glaze crackle polishes and I already have two of those IsaDora ones..

This is The One That Got Away, two coats here, no base or top coat.

And this is Not Like the Movies, three coats, no base or top coat.

These two were pleasant surprises, I liked them more than I thought I would. TOTGA has that glass flecked look which is always nice and I generally like all the polishes that have it. So it's really pretty, not unique, but anyways a really nice shade. NLtM is my favourite from this collection, I think it's just so amazing with all those different flashes it has. I thought it might be nice and I was so right, it's just awesome imo. I kind of wish I had a big bottle of it.. The small bottles are enough from the other shades.

I also did some layering with these two and the glitter from this collection, take a look:

I have Teenage Dream on my index finger and Last Friday Night on my middle finger over both The One That Got Away and Not Like the Movies. I thought the glitters looked cool over these two, especially over Not Like the Movies.

OPI Katy Perry Glitters

I have OPI Katy Perry glitter polishes for you today.

First one is Teenage Dream, two coats here, no base or top coat.

Second one is Last Friday Night, three coats, no base or top coat.

I think these would be better layered over some color polish, especially Last Friday Night. Teenage Dream looks kind of fun by it self but I think it would also be nice over some other polish. It's probably that I like Teenage Dream more than Last Friday Night, as I'm not a big fan of blue polishes. And Last Friday Night looks somewhat terrible by it's own, imo. Both are pretty polishes (again definately more when layered) but I'm kind of glad that I didn't get these in big bottles as they are nothing special to me. But then again I'm glad I have the tiny bottles of these, they are really cute.

Milani Digital

I have another Milani 3D holographic lacquer for you today.

So this is called Digital, I have two coats here. Sorry about the tip wear but I've been wearing this polish for days now as it's been so busy that I haven't had even time to change my mani. Anyways, this is really pretty pink holographic polish. Again the holo effect isn't as strong as in some other polishes, but it's still obviously there. I have to say I really like these Milani holos..

I also have a sneak peak for you of what I got in mail today (quite crappy flash picture but anyways):

Yeap, it's the OPI Katy Perry mini polishes. I wasn't sure if I should or should not order these so I ordered this cute mini pack.

Color Club Uptown Girl with Milani Gems

I was wearing Uptown Girl when Milani Gems arrived from Cherry Culture, and I wanted to try it on immediately. So I just painted it over the UG.

So this is just one coat of Gems over Uptown Girl. And isn't Gems pretty, all those different colors of glitter. It's just one happy polish IMO. I'm so glad I have it, though I'm always thinking that I might have too many of different kind of layering glitters and all, but then again, I don't have anything like this.

Color Club Uptown Girl

Just a really quick post of this lovely creme polish. (I should really be in bed by now..)

So this is Color Club's Uptown Girl, three coats here. I was going to say that this is probably my favourite creme polish and it was until i removed it.. Yep, it stained my nails red even with two coats of base coat under it. I was really pummed out. Well, it's pretty anyways, maybe I'll try it with some other base coat..

Btw, every time I even see this polish bottle the song Uptown Girl starts playing in my head. So I had to go to Youtube to listen to the song.. And then I saw the video and I just have to say, WOW. :D If that isn't hilarious I don't know what is, it was just ridicilously funny. (I hadn't seen it before this..)

Franken lilac

Today I have one franken for you. This is actually the first one I'm showing here in the blog, I've done couple but haven't never blogged about them. Anyways, I did this one only by mixing the colors over a piece of foil, so I only had so much color that I could paint my nails one time. But this was fairly simple to do, I put pretty much same amount of each polish in it.

I used Color Club Wild at Heart, Milani Cyberspace and H&M Hello Kitty Kitty Princess for this. I thought this turned out to be quite pretty color. It even had this very very subtle holographic effect, but even without that it looked very interesting. Frankenin is so much fun by the way, because you don't really know what the outcome will be and it's always fun to get new colors.

Lumene Night Party (flakies?!)

Okay, I just have to say this, I hate my neigbour. There, I said it. Well, I don't even know wich one of my neigbours I'm hating, but I still hate one. You ask why? Well, he/she has been sturmming their guitar for some time now and he/she just keeps playing the same thing over and over again and I tell you, it isn't anything special (if you put it nicely). And I need to be reading for my test which is super important and it's on Monday.. So I'm really annoyed. I don't know why, but I can hear the sound of the guitar so well that even earplugs didn't do anything. Yeah, I know that it's completely permitted to play guitar in your own appartement but please, just change the song or something and don't play the same thing for hours! Can you tell I'm annoyed?! :D

Well, that's that.. Sorry, but I had to say it.. Anyways, this gives me time to blog as there's no way I can concentrate with this noise..

So, I have you one Lumene polish that I bought like a year ago, just haven't wore it before. I bought this on sale as it looked somewhat pretty and seemed to have some flakies.

This is called Night Party (Öiset juhlat) and I have three coats here. Well, I have to say I'm a bit disappointed with this, it looked better in the bottle. Those lovely flakies are there, but they are quite small and disappear a bit on nail. I'm not really that into these warm brown shades on my nail too, so that's also probably why I'm not warming up to this polish that much. I would like it more if it had more of those flakie goodies, but no.

Ok, my neigbour just changed the song! Can you guess what he/she is playing now? Yep, it's Smoke on the water, I'm not even sure if that's better or not as he/she keeps of course playing the same bit over and over again.

OPI Diva of Geneva with GOSH Rainbow

I liked the color of Diva of Geneva (by OPI) so much that I wanted to wear it little longer, but I decided to add something to make it little more interesting and chance it a bit.

So I added one coat of GOSH Rainbow. Sorry about the little blurry pics, they are the best I could get with this grey weather and all. There's probably not much more to say about Rainbow that haven't been said already. It's just simply gorgeous, one of my all time favourites and always a great one to add to some polish to make it more interesting. I wish I had bought two or three of these when I had the chance..

OPI Diva of Geneva

I originally wasn't very much into OPI's Swiss Collection for last fall and didn't get any of those colors. Then I saw so many great swatches of Diva of Geneva I thought I had to have it, so here it is.

I have two coats here, it was almost good to go with one, but I did two to be sure. And oh my, this sure is pretty! Glad I have it now, the quality is so great as usual and the color is amazing. Though I have many purples I don't have anything that would be exactly like this.

China Glaze Flying Dragon

Today I have another pretty purple for you.

This is Flying Dragon by China Glaze, two coats here with top coat. I've been wanting to have this polish for a long time, I actually ordered it already one time from 8ty8beauty but they sent me wrong polish then (it was CG Lemon Fizz..). So I had to order this one again, this time it was from Trans Desing.. Anyways, it is really pretty and quite unique.. Though I thought that it doesn't look like everyone elses swatches, mine looks lighter. So I did a little googleing and found this Ivana*s post about different versions of Flying Dragon. I have that one that says neon in the name, so that's why it looked so different. Well, it's pretty anyways.

Here's a pic without top coat, as this is neon and dries matte. (Flash did some weird things to the bottle as it looks a bit pink..)

Models Own Tickled Pink & another award

Just a quick post about probably my favourite Models Own polish that I currently own.

So this is called Tickled Pink, three coats here. I think this just pretty with all that silver glitter. Though this isn't perfect either, as you can see there is VNL, but isn't so visible IRL. And you can always but some white or something as base color to get rid of that..

I've also been tagged for another award by Stickers over at Nails, wanted! (She also tagged me for that Stylish Blog Award). Thank you very much Stickers, I'm new to your blog, but I love it!

So this award is for new bloggers, which I think is just great!

Rules would be as follows:
Post about this award and copy the rules. Link the person that had tagged you. Choose 3 - 5 Blogs you would like to tag and link them too. Leave them a comment on their blog that you've linked them. Important: This award is for unknown blogs, so don't tag some 3000-Reader-Blogs!

So I tag:
Fiercely Fresh Fingertips
Immortal blueberry
No Nails Today

Stylish Blogger Award

I was tagged for the Stylish Blogger Award by Kendal. I wasn't expecting this, I never get tagged.. So thank you very much Kendal!

Edit: Also Amanda over at Fiercely Fresh Fingertips tagged me, so thank you very much too!

Here are the rules for this award:

1. Thank and link the person who gave you this award
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers
4. Contact these bloggers to tell them about this award

So here are my 7 things:

1. I have a 14-year-old dog and I've had her since I was nine. Her name is Lola, but everyone calls her Koira, which means dog in Finnish. Well, my dad calls her Tumma (that's dark in Finnish).. She's been a little sick lately and I'm sometimes worried that she won't be around for long anymore. And that makes me so sad that I don't really wanna talk about it...

2. I love driving a snowmobile. My family has one and I have to always make time that I can go drive it at least once in winter or so. It's so much fun, but I'm always little insecure of driving it at first, but after awhile you just don't want to stop.

3. I would very much like to move. I've been searching (with my boyfriend) a new apartement for like over year now, because this place that we live now is quite small, old and has this tiny kitchen and no dishwasher. It's just quite hard to find nice apartement here where we live for a reasonable rent price that would also be quite new and have all the things we'd like.. So we are still searching..

4. When I was younger I wanted to be a pilot. If I had the money, I still would go and study to be a helicopter pilot. Though I'm also quite interested in the subject I'm studying now in the university.

5. I'm a decent baker and I also like to bake and try new recipes. I used to have a baking blog (it was in Finnish) but I stoped writing it as it became too much work to do those pastries and especially to eat them. :D

6. I loved the tv-series Lost, I have all the DVD box sets and it's fun to re-watch the episodes. Though I wasn't really into all those theories and that stuff about the series when it was airing. I also love to watch many other tv series like Brothers and Sisters, Bones, True Blood and so on.

7. I like to read books and my favourite writer is this Finnish Ilkka Remes who writes thrillers. Every year I get his new book for christmas present from my mom, that's kind of tradition and christmas isn't christmas without it. I have all the books that he's written (except those that are written for young adults) and I'm always looking forward for the new one each year.

And I tag:

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Can't think of 15, so many have this already. I think everyone should have it, so if you want it, I'm tagging you.

Kiko Microglitter Red Wine & what's in my purse

First I have one Kiko polish to show you.

So this is number 254 (it only has the number in the bottle) but the website says that it's called Microglitter Red Wine. I have two coats here, no base or top coat. It's pretty and I like the quality of these polishes. I just wish that I had bought more of these when I was in Berlin. Well, another time maybe..

So that's that, but I wanted to show you my purse also.. Well, I saw this fun post at Sonnela blog (it's in Finnish) and wanted to do the same as I think it's fun to get to have a little peek on everyone's life. So the point in this was to show you what's in purse, so here we go.

So this is my purse, sorry about the little blurryness of this pic, but it was the best I had. Anyways, I've bought this bag from H&M several years ago and I like it very much. It's simple and big, so I can use it as school bag too.

And here's the contents and this is quite normal too. I usually have at least my wallet, phone & headphones, glasses (that silver casing), calendar and some hand cream in my bag. Today I had also pad of paper and pencil case with me because of the school. And that book "The United States and the Great Powers" is a book for a test. Then there was also some tickets that have I've been apparently carrying around since Berlin and that green thing is a bag for my camera. That hand cream is Dermosil's, I like to keep it in my bag as it's small enough to carry around. I also have Burt's and Bees cuticle cream usually in my bag too, it's nice size too. And that blister bandaid has also been in my bag since Berlin..

So my bag was quite clean though I had some stuff that have been there for no reason.. And I also have quite few stuff in my bag, but there's still room for more. :D What do you all have in your bags?

Snowcrystal Light Taupe

I'm just making this quick post before I have to go to bed, it's over midnight already and as my "school" (my university studies) began again today, I have to go to school tomorrow.

This is Snowcrystal's Light Taupe (number 438), two coats here. This is quite pretty taupe color imo, it has this nice shimmer too, which makes it more interesting. Though I don't know if it's just me but I feel like I have enough colors like this and I only have maybe one taupe that has same kind of shimmer. It's pretty, but a bit boring.. Maybe I should have spiced it up with some stamping or something. This was my first Snowcrystal polish and I did like the quality. But I probably won't be buying more of these if they're not on sale, as I think they are too expensive as the bottle is quite small and the colors aren't really unique.

Color Club Wild at Heart

Purple and holographic, what could be better? Well, if you ask me, I say almost nothing could be better than that.

So this is Color Club's Wild at Heart, just one coat here. The holo effect in this polish is different from those intense holos like Gosh Holographic or Nfu'Oh's and such.. It's probably the darkest holo that I have and it's purple, so I do love it! The quality was great also, this only needed one coat and it was perfect.

Milani Cyberspace

I have another of those Milani holos for you today:

This one is called Cyberspace, two coats here. This one had more obvious holographic effect than the gold one (3D) but not so much as the green one (Hi-Tech) had, so from the three I've tried so for, this was in the middle holographicwise. Somewhat surprisingly I really liked this one. And that's surprising because I normally don't go well together with blue polish, but this was nice.

Wild and Crazy Pinky Promise

Another purplish color coming your way..

This is Pinky Promise by Wild and Arazy, three coats here. Well, it's not really a purple but it's surely isn't pink as the name might suggest. Maybe a dark lilac or lavender or something like that. The flash is really great magenta color, which my camera of course turned too blue. Anyways, this was a nice color, not my absolute favourite but still a nice one.

Milani 3D

I have another Milani holographic polish for you today.

This is called 3D, two coats here. This is really pretty, the holo effect isn't very obvious, but it has a lots of those holographic glitters in it. Though the glitters look pretty much silver here, but they are holographic. I really like the shade of this gold, it's not too warm or yellow, so it suits my skin tone nicely.

Random spam

Here's some older swatches and some other pics, so that I can get my pile of untried polishes a little smaller.

Golden Rose 162, two coats

Orly Iron Butterfly

Essie Fondola Gondola, two coats & top coat

H&M Hello Kitty Kitty Princess, two coats

China Glaze Lemon Fizz

China Glaze Pool Party

I know that people usually wear neon polishes in summertime but I thought it would be fun to wear one now as it is so dark and all so a neon could brighten up things.

This is China Glaze's Pool Party from last summers Poolside collection, three coats here. As you know neons are auper bright and so taking a color accurate picture is slighty impossible, you should really see this in person to experience the right color and brightness. But this is really a fun polish and brightens up a dark winter day nicely.

GOSH Gasoline

A little while ago I saw a swatch of Gosh Gasoline here by Scrangie and I just had to go and get one for myself too (I also found Golden Dragon that Scrangie swatched too and it was also on sale so of course I had to get it). Gasoline looked so amazing and as you know, I love purple, so there wasn't any doubt that I wouldn't like it.

This is really amazing, one of the best purples that I own. But sadly the application wasn't so nice. I used three thin coats and it was fine, but the drying that was soooo long, even with a quick dryer. So I ended up with smudges on every other nail and I had to paint another coat next day to cover them up. But still this was kind of worth it, it's so pretty, I just adore the color.

Milani Hi-Tech

So it's a new year again, time goes so fast! What's better way to start a new year than trying out something new? Well, this isn't probably new for most of you, but for me it is. I love trying out polish brands that are new to me and today I have my first Milani polish to show you. Milani isn't really available here in Finland so the polishes are quite hard to get but I finally managed to find the holographic collection that they did last year and snatched all those six colors. Here's one of them:

This is called Hi-Tech, two coats here. It's really nice yellowish green holo, that type of green that even I who normally doesn't wear green polishes like this. The quality was nice also, this only needed two coats and there were no aplication issues or bald patches or something like that. In these Milani holos the holographic effect isn't so vivid like e.g. that Gosh Holographic that I showed you yesterday. But nevertheless this is pretty holo polish and imo the effect doesn't always have to be so in-your-face-like. Well, this was my first Milani and I have to say I really liked it. Can't wait to try the other ones out too.