Sponge mani

We (that's me & my boyfriend) had our anniversary just while ago (it's also our engagement date, we've been engaged for two years and together for four years now) and I wanted to some really nice festive nails to celebrate.. We didn't do anything fancy, just went out to dinner and that stuff, but that was still nice..

Anyway, on with the nails.. I don't want to complain about the weather and the poor photographing conditions, so I hope you can bare with these little less nicer photos for a while.. I'm going to get a light box, well, I already have one, I only need the lights and then I'm good to go..

I used OPI DS Extravagance and Let Me Entertain You and NYX Girls Margarita for this sponge mani. I topped it of with e.l.f. Twinkle (from their new Christmas polishes) and of course with a coat of quick dryer. I really liked this mani and I'm wearing it still though I made it like four days ago or so.. The colors washed away a bit in these pics, but you can still see the outcome..