Eveline #406

Here's another holographic polish by Eveline cosmetics:

So this is two coats with top coat of the silver holo that I was talking about when I posted about the lilac holo. They look different in bottles but quite same on nail, but I don't mind as they vere so cheap and I think one can never have too much holos. I had to take this pic with flash so the holo effect doesn't show that much. I thought that this was quite nice color for the holidays too.. I don't have the bottle with me as I'm not at home, so I can't check what the number of this polish is, so sorry about that. I will add it later to this post. Edit: it's number 406.

I'll be posting my christmas mani tomorrow, it's going to be just one very christmassy color and you all have seen it soooo many times already. Can you guess what? :) Well, that's tomorrow..

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