New Year's Eve manicure: GOSH Holographic & China Glaze Platinum Silver

I have my New Year's Eve mani to show you today. It's (again) really simple, just one color:

This is Gosh Holographic and this is just insane! The holographic effect is so vivid, it's just unbelievable. I wish there would have been even a tiny bit of sunlight to properly show this to you, but I had to settle for taking the pics under artificial light.

As I said, this is insanely pretty but it's also just insane to apply. It's probably one of the worst that I've ever tried. It almost impossible to get it even out and cover the bald patches. I've heard that other people have had these issues too, so I decided to do a coat of silver polish underneath Holographic hoping that it would make it easier to apply and that I wouldn't need to use so many coats. So I used China Glaze Silver Platinium under the Holographic, just one coat though. After that I only needed two coats of Holographic. I painted my right thumb without Silver Platinium and it needed four coats to get rid of those bald patches.. But here's a pic of the Silver Platinium too:

I have to say that I really don't like this. Well, I like the color and would like the look too, but it's just so brush stroke-y. And the formula isn't quite right, it's goopy and thick making it really hard to apply and then you get those ugly brush strokes too. But I think this could be good for konading or something like that.




  1. amazing! it looks like the different colors of the ball dropping in NYC! happy new year!