H&M Kitty Queen

I was shopping the other day and went to H&M to see if they had any interesting polishes and there were two new (well, at least for me new) Hello Kitty polishes, lighter pink and darker pink, almost magenta. I thought they looked good, but I didn't buy them at that time, don't ask why.. Then after two days I went again to buy one of them, and there were only like three darker ones left and one lighter one. Then I decided to buy both, because, well they both look good and if I hadn't bought them then there's no way, I could get them later. They sell like crazy! I've noticed that happen with other H&M Hello Kitty polishes, it's probably because they are so cheap.. But anyways, here's the darker one:

This is called Kitty Queen and I have two coats here. I quite like this one, well it's cheap but also it's a pretty color with lovely little glass-fleck-looking glitter. And the quality was nice also as it was opaque with two coats and the brush was easy to work with.

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