China Glaze Exotic Cranberry

Today I have one China Glaze oldie for you, and yeah, this is no B3F.

This is called Exotic Cranberry and it's apparently been apart of China Glaze collection in 2005. I really like the color, it's this dark berry color and super glossy. So very pretty! I used two coats here with a top coat.

I also used these nail stickers that I got from Viva La Nails. I ordered this free sample pack (you only need to pay s&h) that they offer for bloggers and Youtube artists. I think it's really nice that a company gives value to bloggers and such, and offers that kind of stuff. So I got three stickers and three water decals, they were offering this bigger pack before where you'd get some more stuff but I was too late for that and it was out of stock when I tried to order it. And now they are offering this 3x stickers + 3x water decals combo. Anyways, I think it's nice and here's what I got:

So for the mani I used those that are bottom left, I thought they looked so cute. And they are, I think they made my mani look super cute. But somehow they didn't stay on too well, though I tried to apply them as well as I could. Some of the edges kept rising of the nail and it's kind of annoying couse then tehy get stuck in your hair and stuff. But other than that, I think they were a really nice addition to my mani and a nice way to make it more interesting.

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