IsaDora White Art & e.l.f. Passion Pink

I'm here though I haven't blogged anything in two days.. As I've said before, I'm extremely busy with my studies right now and it's going to be like that until 16th December or so. So if there's sometimes a moment of silence it's because my school, but try to make a post when I can and when I have more time I do several posts and time them, so you'll have something to read. So don't worry, I'm still going to be blogging, I just wanted to let you know the situation I'm in right now..

Anyways, are you all fed up with all those crackle polishes yet? Hope not, because I finally managed to get a white one from IsaDora, which I was lemming.. These polishes sell like in no time and I haven't managed to even get a glimbse of that black one they have. I've checked a lot of stores and there is always some green and yellows and blues left (also sometimes those pink ones too) but all the white ones and especially the black ones are always gone. So I was very happy when I found a store that still had this white one, I would also loved to have the black one, but that's probably not going to happen as they sell so quickly.

This is called White Art and well, it's a white crackle polish.. I'm sure you're all very familiar with some crackle polish by now, so there's probably no need to go in details anymore. That polish underneath the White Art is a e.l.f. polish called Passion Pink and here's a picture of it alone:

First of all, yes, this looks a way too orange here, but all my pics did. And it was kind of weird as this polish really looks more orange on nails than it looked in the bottle (but not soooooo orange as it looks here). And I was also a bit confused as I did order a Passion Pink polish but in the bottle and also in the package it says Mango Madness. Apparently there was some mix up in e.l.f.'s factory and those bottles have wrong labels on them, so this should be Passion Pink even though it says Mango Madness.. Anyways, it's a pretty color and has this really nice gold shimmer to it. So I like it a lot and the price of these polishes isn't bad either.

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