Orly Space Cadet

I know, you all have seen Orly's Space Cadet like million times by now, but I'm going to show it now again anyway, because I also have it and haven't shown it yet. There's not much left to say that haven't been said already, but I have four pictures to show you as I was trying to caprture all those different looks that Space Cadet has.

It's no wonder that everybody has/wants this polish as this is quite unique. Or maybe I should say was as there seems to be couple of dupes or nearly dupes already. Anyways, very pretty polish, different in a good way, I'm really glad I have it. Btw, I have three coats here with a quick dryer.


  1. one of my current favorites! looks very nice on your long nails :)

  2. Thanks Amanda! :) It's one of my favourites too.