Maybelline Plum Prune

Today I have one Maybelline oldie to show you, I'm not sure how old this polish is, but you probably can't find this anywhere anymore.. It's in good condition though and I really like the color.

This is a bit strange polish as it dries it has this semi matte looking finish. But that's something that can be fixed with a top coat of course. I have two coats of Plum Prune here with a coat of Seche Vite. As I said, I really like the color. It doesn't show here, but it has this grat pink flash to it which makes it more interesting. So this is a really nice polish, though it smells quite bad as those old ones tend to do..


  1. Cute colour, how on earth do you manage to keep your nails so long?

  2. Thanks, Cherry! :) Well, I'm not sure how I do that, I think it's the combination of hydration, good nail products and what you eat (like vitamins and such)..