OPI Let Me Entertain You

I hope you aren't all bored to watch those OPU Burlesque polishes as I have one more to show you. I said earlier that I only got three, but I had to buy one more, because Let Me Entertain You looked so good. So here it is.

I'm glad I got this, it's really pretty! I have three coats here with top coat. It looks more red in my pictures than it really is, but I just couldn't get it photograph right. Anyways, it's more magenta than red with glass flecks. This reminded me a lot of those China Glaze glass fleck polishes so I wanted to do a little comparison with two pinks/reds that I have.

So this is from left to right China Glaze Endurance, OPI Let Me Entertain You and China Glaze Rasberry Festival. These definately aren't anywhere near each other colorwise as Endurance is Pink, LMEY is magenta and RF is more red. But I think they are definately in same family, as their finishes are quite same. Btw, here the color of LMEY is more close to right than in those full hand swatches..

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