Misa It's You!

I only have two Misa polishes and I showed you already Date Nights to the Twilight so here is the second one, it's called It's You! and it's from fall 2010 collection called What I Like About You. It's this great charcoal grey with green shimmer (which you can see nicely in the second pic) and it also flashes pink. This is two coats and I have to say that this is quite unique polish, I have nothing like it. And that's always a positive thing, so this was a really good addition to my collection. I also like the quality of Misa polishes and as I said before, I definately need to get more of these.


  1. wow this is really interesting color! i'd love to see the pink flash you mentioned

  2. Yeah, I wish I could show you it, but it didn't appear in any of my pics.. :/