NYX Girls Doll Pink & Red Pearl

I have two NYX Girls polishes for you today. I took these pictures in june or something but I haven't for some reason shown them to you yet, so now I'm going to.

So the first one is Doll Pink and as you can figure, I don't really remember how many coats I was wearing. But this is a pretty summery red (not so pink imo) with nice blue-ish flash. Not so unique, but nevertheless a nice shade.

Second one is called Red Pearl and it's more brownish red. No memory of how many coats it was here either.. Also nothing unique but a nice shade too, maybe this is more like a fall shade..

I did a comparison with these two also. I have Doll Pink on my index and middle fingers and Red Pearl on my ring and pinky. So as you can see RP is more brownish and DP is more pink. I think Doll Pink is more like my kind of color, but there certainly nothing wrong with Red Pearl.

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