Misa Date Nights to the Twilight

Series of not-so-good pictures continues as we literally haven't had any light lately as it is always raining (or snowing, jei!). It feels like there's maybe couple of hours when it's not dark, but still it's not so light that you could take nice pictures.. Anyway, let's talk about the polish then..

This is Date Nights to the Twilight by Misa (I have two coats here) and it's from their winter 2010 collection called Spark My Interest. As you can see, I had to twist the colors of this picture a bit to make it look more like it is colorwise, cause it looked too blue.. And it looks a bit too blue still, but anyways this is a really pretty color, I would say it's a purple leaning on blue, so maybe I'd call it blurple shimmer. This is also the very first Misa polish that I've tried and I really liked it, application and brush and all that, so I probably need to get more of these.. What colors do you think I should get from Misa, do you have any favourites?

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