Nubar Avant-Garde

I don't have many matte finish polishes as I think it's more fun to use a matte top coat to make all kinds of different polishes matte. But matte polishes are really good when you need to do your nails quickly as they dry super fast. Today I have one matte to show you, it's Avant-Garde by Nubar.

I have two coats here and I have to say that this was a really easy to work with, although I seem to have some problems sometimes with Nubar brushes, don't really know why. It's a nice fall color, but I thought it was a bit dull. So I added a coat of Poshe quick dryer to make it shiny:

I think I like it more like this. It makes the polish look more interesting, although of course with top coat the idea of matte finish goes away.

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