Nubar Toga Purple & OPI Mad as a Hatter

I managed to do a mani that I really loved and I'm going to show it to you now..

This is Nubar's Toga Purple (two coats) with OPI's Mad as a Hatter (three coats) on ring finger. I thought these colors worked really good together and I love the look when you paint one nail with different color. That's a really nice way to wear glitters like this as you don't have to worry the removal so much as you only need to remove the glitter from two nails..

Btw, I finally have my own Mad as a Hatter! I didn't get any of those Alice in Wonderland polishes when they were available and of course when they no longer were, I wanted to have them. So when I saw this one at Charming Nails blog sale I just had to grap it. I'm so happy I finally have it!

Color Club Snakeskin

I haven't shown you all the colors that I got from Color Club's fall 2010 collection called Untamed Luxury yet so today I have one of them for you.

This is Snakeskin, I have one coat here with top coat. Now, I have to say I'm a bit disappointed and that's a third dissapointment with this collection.. And that's really a shame as I've liked Color Club's polishes before, but somehow these colors from the fall collection haven't been working for me. Well, maybe it's just me, because I can see that this is a pretty color but somehow I don't like it.. at all.. And I thought I would as it looked so pretty in other people's swatches. There's by the way nothing wrong with the quality, it wen't on nicely and I needed only one coat. But colorwise this just didn't do it for me..

e.l.f. Metal Madness

Just while ago I ordered three new e.l.f. polishes from their christmas nail polish selection and here's one of them:

This is called Metal Madness and I have two coats here with top coat. I think it is a very pretty metallic grey with holographic glitter. The glitter is quite subtle, but it's there and it makes this polish more interesting. All and all very nice polish for it's price.

OPI Water Marbling

As some of you probably know, there was a marbling contest at OPI's Facebook site just lately. I decided to participate, though I was quite sure I wouldn't win and well, I didn't, but it always fun to do a water marbling mani. There was so many amazing entries to the competition, you can see the winner here. But here's the mani that was my entry:

I used OPI's Tease-y Does It and The Show Must Go On! for this marble. Before those I did one coat with white polish to make a nice base for the marble and make the colors pop. I have to say I really liked the outcome of this marbling attempt. The colors looked really good together imo. What do you think?

Claire's B93

I feel like I've been wearing a lot of grey polishes lately.. Well, it's a nice fall/winter color, so why not.

This grey is Claire's and it has only this B93 code on it (I hate when there's no name). This is also from my trip to Berlin.. I'm wearing two coats here, it needed a third one as there was still almost bald spots in some nails but I was in hurry and didn't have time to do another coat. It's a pretty polish, but nothing special in my oppinion. It's a bit brush-stroke-y as you can see in the sunlight picture, but it wasn't too disturbing. All and all a nice (everyday) grey.

China Glaze Frosty

Today I have another polish from the China Glaze holiday collection to show you.

This is called Frosty and I have three coats here with a top coat. I really like the color, but I'm not entirely sure if I like white polishes in general. It's pretty and that glitter makes it even prettier and even in this pic it looks pretty but somehow I'm not still sure.. Well, it does make a beautiful holiday mani for sure..

Maybelline Plum Prune

Today I have one Maybelline oldie to show you, I'm not sure how old this polish is, but you probably can't find this anywhere anymore.. It's in good condition though and I really like the color.

This is a bit strange polish as it dries it has this semi matte looking finish. But that's something that can be fixed with a top coat of course. I have two coats of Plum Prune here with a coat of Seche Vite. As I said, I really like the color. It doesn't show here, but it has this grat pink flash to it which makes it more interesting. So this is a really nice polish, though it smells quite bad as those old ones tend to do..

Misa It's You!

I only have two Misa polishes and I showed you already Date Nights to the Twilight so here is the second one, it's called It's You! and it's from fall 2010 collection called What I Like About You. It's this great charcoal grey with green shimmer (which you can see nicely in the second pic) and it also flashes pink. This is two coats and I have to say that this is quite unique polish, I have nothing like it. And that's always a positive thing, so this was a really good addition to my collection. I also like the quality of Misa polishes and as I said before, I definately need to get more of these.

China Glaze Sugar Plums

It's almost halfway through November, so I'm thinking it's a good time to show you some polishes from holiday collections. Well, from one collection, as I don't have polishes from other that China Glazes holiday collection called 'Tis The Season To Be Naughty and Nice. I picked out only three colors from that collection and I have to say I'm very proud of myself as there were lots of great colors (16!) and I managed to keep it down and only get three. I would have of course wanted more (like all of them!) but being on student budget means that I can't get everything I want. Anyways, I have one of those three to show you today.

This is called Sugar Plums and I have two coats here with a top coat. As soon as I saw first pictures of this collection I knew I had to get this one as I'm a sucker for this kind of color. And it's soooo pretty, I'm so glad I have it. The finish of this one is quite bumby so you'll need a nice coat of top coat over this to make it smooth. Other than that, it's perfection with that deep plum red color and those multicolor glitters. I love it!

Btw, sorry for the little bit messy look, I didn't have time to clean this one up as there was like two minutes of sun that day and immediately when the sun was shining I had to run to take some pictures so that I'd have some lighting.. I managed to take few pictures and then the sun was gone.. And it hasn't shine since.. I think I need to make a light box for myself or pretty soon I'm not able to take any pictures..

IsaDora White Art & e.l.f. Passion Pink

I'm here though I haven't blogged anything in two days.. As I've said before, I'm extremely busy with my studies right now and it's going to be like that until 16th December or so. So if there's sometimes a moment of silence it's because my school, but try to make a post when I can and when I have more time I do several posts and time them, so you'll have something to read. So don't worry, I'm still going to be blogging, I just wanted to let you know the situation I'm in right now..

Anyways, are you all fed up with all those crackle polishes yet? Hope not, because I finally managed to get a white one from IsaDora, which I was lemming.. These polishes sell like in no time and I haven't managed to even get a glimbse of that black one they have. I've checked a lot of stores and there is always some green and yellows and blues left (also sometimes those pink ones too) but all the white ones and especially the black ones are always gone. So I was very happy when I found a store that still had this white one, I would also loved to have the black one, but that's probably not going to happen as they sell so quickly.

This is called White Art and well, it's a white crackle polish.. I'm sure you're all very familiar with some crackle polish by now, so there's probably no need to go in details anymore. That polish underneath the White Art is a e.l.f. polish called Passion Pink and here's a picture of it alone:

First of all, yes, this looks a way too orange here, but all my pics did. And it was kind of weird as this polish really looks more orange on nails than it looked in the bottle (but not soooooo orange as it looks here). And I was also a bit confused as I did order a Passion Pink polish but in the bottle and also in the package it says Mango Madness. Apparently there was some mix up in e.l.f.'s factory and those bottles have wrong labels on them, so this should be Passion Pink even though it says Mango Madness.. Anyways, it's a pretty color and has this really nice gold shimmer to it. So I like it a lot and the price of these polishes isn't bad either.

NYX Girls Doll Pink & Red Pearl

I have two NYX Girls polishes for you today. I took these pictures in june or something but I haven't for some reason shown them to you yet, so now I'm going to.

So the first one is Doll Pink and as you can figure, I don't really remember how many coats I was wearing. But this is a pretty summery red (not so pink imo) with nice blue-ish flash. Not so unique, but nevertheless a nice shade.

Second one is called Red Pearl and it's more brownish red. No memory of how many coats it was here either.. Also nothing unique but a nice shade too, maybe this is more like a fall shade..

I did a comparison with these two also. I have Doll Pink on my index and middle fingers and Red Pearl on my ring and pinky. So as you can see RP is more brownish and DP is more pink. I think Doll Pink is more like my kind of color, but there certainly nothing wrong with Red Pearl.

Orly Space Cadet

I know, you all have seen Orly's Space Cadet like million times by now, but I'm going to show it now again anyway, because I also have it and haven't shown it yet. There's not much left to say that haven't been said already, but I have four pictures to show you as I was trying to caprture all those different looks that Space Cadet has.

It's no wonder that everybody has/wants this polish as this is quite unique. Or maybe I should say was as there seems to be couple of dupes or nearly dupes already. Anyways, very pretty polish, different in a good way, I'm really glad I have it. Btw, I have three coats here with a quick dryer.

OPI DS Reflection

Today I have my third OPI DS polish to show you. Like I've said before I really looooove the quality of these polishes so of course I had to have more, so I invested in DS Reflection. Take a look:

I have two coats here with a top coat. It was pretty much ok with only one coat, but I did second one anyways.. The quality was again amazing and of course the color is so pretty! It reminded me of something like a really yummy strawberry sorbet or fruitie, so I have to love this color, right?! Yes, this is one of my favourite red/pink polishes for sure.

Misa Date Nights to the Twilight

Series of not-so-good pictures continues as we literally haven't had any light lately as it is always raining (or snowing, jei!). It feels like there's maybe couple of hours when it's not dark, but still it's not so light that you could take nice pictures.. Anyway, let's talk about the polish then..

This is Date Nights to the Twilight by Misa (I have two coats here) and it's from their winter 2010 collection called Spark My Interest. As you can see, I had to twist the colors of this picture a bit to make it look more like it is colorwise, cause it looked too blue.. And it looks a bit too blue still, but anyways this is a really pretty color, I would say it's a purple leaning on blue, so maybe I'd call it blurple shimmer. This is also the very first Misa polish that I've tried and I really liked it, application and brush and all that, so I probably need to get more of these.. What colors do you think I should get from Misa, do you have any favourites?

P2 Gracious

I have just a quick post for you now, as I'm insanily busy with everything right now.. Not only that, I have only one not-so-good picture of this mani, but I'm going to show you it anyway, sorry.. :D

This is one of those polishes that I got from Berlin, I still haven't shown all of them to you.. So this is Gracious by P2, I have two coats here with a quick dryer. I really loved this color, it was nicely subtle but not boring in any way. Just lovely!

Model's Own Deep Purple with Disco Mix

Today I have two Models Own polishes to show you. Let's start with a lovely purple:

This is called Deep Purple and I have two coats here with a top coat. It looks a bit more blue here than it really is, but you all know how hard purples sometimes are, so nothing new there. But this is a pretty color, I like how it looks almost dark in the edges. I've been into layering lately and I wanted to layer something over this and I decided to use another Models Own polish:

So here is one coat of Disco Mix over Deep Purple. Disco Mix is very fun glitter polish, it's quite out there.. But it's also nicely dence, so you could wear this alone with only two or three coats. I have to give that a try sometime.

OPI Let Me Entertain You

I hope you aren't all bored to watch those OPU Burlesque polishes as I have one more to show you. I said earlier that I only got three, but I had to buy one more, because Let Me Entertain You looked so good. So here it is.

I'm glad I got this, it's really pretty! I have three coats here with top coat. It looks more red in my pictures than it really is, but I just couldn't get it photograph right. Anyways, it's more magenta than red with glass flecks. This reminded me a lot of those China Glaze glass fleck polishes so I wanted to do a little comparison with two pinks/reds that I have.

So this is from left to right China Glaze Endurance, OPI Let Me Entertain You and China Glaze Rasberry Festival. These definately aren't anywhere near each other colorwise as Endurance is Pink, LMEY is magenta and RF is more red. But I think they are definately in same family, as their finishes are quite same. Btw, here the color of LMEY is more close to right than in those full hand swatches..

Nubar Avant-Garde

I don't have many matte finish polishes as I think it's more fun to use a matte top coat to make all kinds of different polishes matte. But matte polishes are really good when you need to do your nails quickly as they dry super fast. Today I have one matte to show you, it's Avant-Garde by Nubar.

I have two coats here and I have to say that this was a really easy to work with, although I seem to have some problems sometimes with Nubar brushes, don't really know why. It's a nice fall color, but I thought it was a bit dull. So I added a coat of Poshe quick dryer to make it shiny:

I think I like it more like this. It makes the polish look more interesting, although of course with top coat the idea of matte finish goes away.

OPI DS Signature

Today I have you my second try in the world of OPI DS polishes. I wanted to have more of these after my first try with DS Extravagance so I went and got myself DS Signature. I have quite a few pictures, so take a look.

The last picture is taken outside on cloudy day, others are taken with artificial light to show you the awesome holo effect. I have two coats here, it was good to go with two but I didn't third one anyway.. It's probably no suprise that I love this polish as China Glaze's BFF is one of my all time favourites. I love anything purple-ish and of course anything that shines or sparkles, so imo you can't really go wrong with a purple holo. Love it!