Color Club Untamed Luxury

If yesterday I was soooo in love with my polish, today not so much.. I somehow really thought I would love this polish, though I'm not always so good with greens or blues but this wasn't my cup of tee AT ALL. And that's quite unusual as I normally love anything glittery.. Oh well, let's have a look.

So yeah, I'm talking about Color Club's Untamed Luxury from the Untamed Luxury collection for this fall. I have three coats here and the covarege is pretty good for glitter. So I have no complains about the quality, this is a very nice glitter polish, but the color is not for me. Immediately when I put this on I thought this didn't suit me at all. And that's a shame. Maybe I'll try to layer this over something, that way I could like it more.


  1. oh God, this one is so beautiful!

  2. I think this looks great on you. But I know what you mean.. I can't do greeam or blues on my toes lol.. I just cannot. I cant wait to see you layering.

  3. Thanks for your comments! I did a bit of layering with it and I have to say that I liked it that way better, but I'm going to show you all that later.. :)