Essence Undead?

I'm really not into all that Twilight stuff, or should I say, I haven't seen any of those films or read the books and probably will not get into those anytime soon.. I do love True Blood, but that's enough vampires for me. I think if I'd get into Twilight I'd probably like those movies, but for now, I'm not really interested. And this is not to upset anyone who loves/likes them..

But there's a reason why I'm talking about vampires (again). When I was in Berlin I bought this one Essence polish that is apparently from some sort of Twilight collection of theirs called Eclipse Collection. I'm not really familiar with Essence collections as those polishes aren't normally available for me and the one I got was the last one on the rack and it was hidden behind some other stuff and it was also on sale. Anyway, I liked the color so I bought it and didn't mind the Twilight thing it had going on.. Well, enough of this prattle and let's just have a look.

So this is called Undead? and I have to say that it looked much better in the bottle than it looks on nail. I have two coats here and those lovely purple glitter get just lost in all that black. I thought they would pop out some more. But this looks almost plain black IRL. I managed to get those glitters show up a little with lighting but that the most you'd see and in shade or darker lighting you see almost only black. So this was little disappointing, though the application was nice.

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