OPI Tease-y Does It

So the last polish (for now) I got from the OPI Burlesque collection is Tease-y Does It. I might need to get that Let Me Entertain You! -one too.. But anyways, I'm a bit sad as I don't have any good pictures of Tease-y Does Itas it has been so dark and rainy hear lately it's fairly impossible to get nice pictures. I'm going to show you it anyway with these not-so-good pictures and maybe take some new ones when the weather is better.. But here it is:

This one is a tad too dark for my oppinion, but it's sure enough pretty and I do like it. Or maybe not too dark, but too brownish, I don't know. I have two coats here with a quick dryer. I have to say that out of these three that I've shown you this one was my least favourite and The Show Must Go On! was definately my favourite one.

So which one did you like the most from the Burlesque collection?

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