OPI The Show Must Go On!

Like almost everyone else I had to have some of those lovely polishes from OPIs Burlesque collection. I would have liked to get all of them, but as I'm on budget, I ordered only three. And here is the first one (I took lots of pictures.. :))

This is so pretty! I had to take quite many pictures as I'm trying to show you all the color of this polish. But I didn't get one with sunlight as the sun hasn't been shining for days, but it would have been nice addition as it looks quite different in sun. Anyways, this is called The Show Must Go On! and it's this amazing dark pink/orange (or gold) duochrome and I just love it! In my oppinion you definately shouldn't miss out on this one, it's so gorgeous!

Oh, and I have two coats, with a quick dryer.

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