Kiko Purple Microglitter

I haven't shown you any of those Kiko polishes that I got from my trip to Berlin, so here comes the first one.

This is called Purple Microglitter, or at least the website says so, in the bottle there is only the number 255. I have three coats here, without top coat and as you can see the finish is a bit rough so if you want it to be smooth, you need to add some top coat. But this is very pretty purple with holo glitter, I'm loving it. I think the quality of these Kiko polishes is quite good and the price isn't bad also (1,90€/$2.65), so I would definately buy more of these if I could (as they had lots of great colors!) but they are not available here.. I think I need to go back to Germany.. Or Italy as Kiko is an Italian brand.

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