IsaDora Masterpiece Pink

So these IsaDora Graffiti polishes have been everywhere and you've probably seen these million times (at least in Finnish blogs) but I still want to show you mine as I finally got one in my hands.. I have been looking for these Graffiti polishes for a while as I've seen them on other blogs, but I couldn't find them anywhere (they were always out of stock or hadn't even arrived yet). So when I finally saw these at Kicks (a Finnish make-up store) I had to buy some. I only got the pink one as I would have also wanted the white one but of course there wasn't any left. I might have bought the black one too, but as you can imagine, there wasn't any of those either.. So here is the Pink one called Masterpiece Pink:

I think this a fun different look, but it's something I think I might get bored quite easily and I definately wouldn't wear this everyday. But it's a nice change and easy way to get somethinf different.. By the way if you're wondering, the base color here is Nubar Cinnamon Twist as I was wearing it and wanted to try this Graffiti polish, I just put it on.. But I think they go quite well together.. This pink one would probably look cool with some white underneath, so I have to try that sometime.

So if you don't already know how these Graffiti polishes work here it is in short: first you apply a base color (and of course a base coat before that) and then you just but on one (thick) coat of this Graffiti Nail Top and it takes only seconds to become cracked and it dries fast too, something like two minutes and you're good to go. It dries matte so if you want a shiny finish, you need to add some top coat.

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  1. Your mani is sooo amazing & gorgeous!! I love crackle polish. There are so many combos you can come up with. I wish these were available in the US :)