Nubar Magic Sunset

Today I have you one Nubar polish to show. This is the second one that I've tried, but I have to say that I didn't like this one as much as I hoped. But I will let you have a look at first and then I'll say more..

This is called Magic Sunset and I'm wearing two coats (no top coat). I was hoping that this would be more duochrome-y like it seems to be in the bottle (you can see a bit of that in the first picture). But it looks only golden when applied and the tone is not right for me. It's just too.. I don't know.. something. I haven't found a right gold shade for me yet and this definately isn't one. It's sure pretty, but it's not for me.


  1. This is a beautiful color. I loe how glossy it is. Also it is so flattering.