China Glaze Endurance

It's probably not a new thing anymore that October is Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) month, as many other bloggers have posted so many lovely post about it. It's now the last week of October and I thought it would be nice to quickly remind people about this now, as many of those post about BCA were published in the beginning of this month.. And this is a subject you should not forget! I'm just saying that everyone should keep this matter in mind and check themself regularly. There are lots of good posts about this subject, but Magic Maid made this touching post about her mom here and you can also find a list of bloggers that have blogged about BCA on her site.

China Glaze did a collection called Fight Like a Woman for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I only got one shade from this collection and here it is:

This is called Endurance and I have three coats here. I just have to say although I say this probably too much but I just looooooooove this one! It's so amazingly pretty! I'm not sure if it's even possible to go wrong with these glass fleck shimmers. This is one of my favourite pinks for sure!