Color Club De-Luxe-Cious

Today I have a polish from Color Club Untamed Luxury collection to show you. Take a look:

So this is called De-Luxe-Cious and I have two coats here with a quick dryer. This would have needed a third coat as there is almost a bald spot on my ring finger, but I went only with two. Ok, so this was a little disappointment as it looks so pretty in the bottle but on nail the color disappears and also the glitter kind of sinks and you're left with a bumby finish. That can be handeled with a top coat, but still I'm not loving this one as I thought I would. It's pretty, but didn't quite do it for me.


  1. I totally agree with you! This one went into my bag of polishes I won't be wearing again.

  2. I've seen what you're talking about on lots of pics online. It's a bummer too because it does look so cool in the bottle :(.

  3. Yeah, I should have believed others when they said that this wasn't good, but it looked so nice in the bottle.. Oh well, it happens..