Nubar Cinnamon Twist

So some days ago I showed you that pink crackle polish by IsaDora and I told you that I was wearing Nubar Cinnamon Twist under the Masterpiece Pink. But I haven't shown you Cinnamon Twist by it self yet, so here it is:

Another nice fall color and kind of spicy one also, as the name says. Two coats here with a quick dryer. This is the first Nubar that I've tried and I have nothing to complain, good quality, nice brush and of course, nice color. I wish I had ordered more Nubars when I had the chance, as there was this one e-tailer in Finland who sold these, but now they are only selling those polishes that they have and there isn't going to be any Nubars after that. So then I'm not sure where I could get these (not so cheap for sure), so that's a shame..

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